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Have you ever wanted a behind the scene look at an author’s life, following the ups and downs on the journey to publishing the books you love to read? I’m Angel Vane and my author’s diary gives you that glimpse into the exciting, frustrating and occasionally boring life of an author working on getting books published.

Author’s Diary Vlog with Angel Vane | Episode 67

Covid shutdowns are slowly starting to end. In Episode 67, I share my thoughts on going back to normal after receiving notice that my days working from home are coming to an end! And in between, I show you how to make a super simple Jamba Juice like smoothie. #multitasking #smoothielove FAKE JAMBA JUICE Ingredients 1 cup of frozen mixed fruit 1 cup of orange juice Directions Fill a magic bullet or blender with fruit and juice Blend Enjoy!

Author’s Diary Vlog with Angel Vane | Episode 66

While it’s easy to focus on what has been taken away from us during the covid shutdown, this week I wanted to point out how it hasn’t been all bad. In Episode 66, I discuss 5 positive experiences I’ve had plus I show you how to make the signature drink for the U.S. Open Grand Slam Tennis Tournament – Honey Deuce. In between, I share thoughts on bullet journaling, tennis and Houston sports teams, too. #Multitasking HONEY DEUCE Ingredients 1.5 parts Grey Goose Vodka 3 parts fresh lemonade 0.5 parts premium raspberry liqueur 3 Honeydew melon balls Directions Fill a

Author’s Diary Vlog with Angel Vane | Episode 65

I’m basking in fresh start September and back working on The Fallen Hero.  In Episode 65, I take you into the mind of an author about how to portray a villain in a novel, the types of villains I’ve used in the Hero in Paradise Series and choosing the best villain to focus on in The Fallen Hero. Plus … I make Kung Pao Cauliflower at the same time. #Multitasking #VeggiesRockToo Want to read The Fallen Hero prologue – original version versus revised?  Check both out by clicking links below. Remember, neither have been edited yet! The original prologue was

Author’s Diary Vlog with Angel Vane | Episode 64

August sucks! Everything I wanted to get done fizzled and is still languishing on my to-do list. In Episode 64, I make kale chips as I talk about how life can wear you down and suck time away from the things you really want to do and why sometimes it’s okay to just give up. KALE CHIPS RECIPE (Adapted) Ingredients Bag of Kale Texas Hill Country Olive Oil Company Jalapeno Infused Olive Oil Garlic salt and pepper Directions Toss kale in a gallon plastic bag with olive oil Spread kale onto parchment paper lined baking sheet Sprinkle kale with garlic

Author’s Diary Vlog with Angel Vane | Episode 63

The month of August has been ridiculously busy for me. In Episode 63, I talk about how other deadlines and distractions forced me out of my writing groove. In the end, I found a way to shake off the rust and get back on track.

Author’s Diary Vlog with Angel Vane | Episode 62

This past week, I was consumed with reviewing the files for my upcoming audiobook, The Accidental Hero. In Episode 62, I talk about the tight ten-day window to provide comments back to the narrator and the steps I took to make sure I could meet the deadline. https://youtu.be/s9rp5WtrlMs

Author’s Diary Vlog with Angel Vane | Episode 61

I got an email from Findaway Voices on the status of the audiobook. In Episode 61, I discuss the big news, what I need to do next and how I’m feeling about the whole process of getting my first audiobook produced. https://youtu.be/WJqnziVsU2w