The Vlog

Have you ever wanted a behind the scene look at an author’s life, following the ups and downs on the journey to publishing the books you love to read? I’m Angel Vane and my author’s diary gives you that glimpse into the exciting, frustrating and occasionally boring life of an author working on getting books published.

Author’s Diary Vlog with Angel Vane | Episode 44

It’s been 4 weeks that I’ve been working from home and I finally feel like I’ve hit my groove.  In Episode 44, I talk about the 5 things that I did to successfully transition to working from home effectively!

Author’s Diary Vlog with Angel Vane | Episode 43

Last week, I gave all the wonderful readers on my mailing list a chance to give me feedback on the name of the series for The Accidental Hero. In Episode 43, I talk about the overwhelming results from my reader survey on the series name, what I thought about the results and what that means for the book series in the future!

Author’s Diary Vlog with Angel Vane | Episode 42

This is more than seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I’m basking in the light outside the tunnel right now as I accomplished ALL of my March writing goals. In Episode 42, I talk about how I got focused on my writing goals, the progress I made for each goal and what’s coming up next! https://youtu.be/eYhGxgxWDO0

Author’s Diary Vlog with Angel Vane | Episode 41

YouTube knows I love Trevor Noah and they dropped an interesting video of his in my feed: an interview with GQ where he goes through his 10 essential things. I stumbled upon the rest of the series and decided I was going to do my own. In Episode 41, I share my ten things that I can’t live without!

Author’s Diary Vlog with Angel Vane | Episode 40

The first books I ever published were co-written with Rachel Woods and I’ve learned so much from her. In Episode 40, I talk to Rachel about her new cozy mystery book which features two characters that we created together, what inspired aspects of the story and the advice she’d give to her younger self. Plus, you’ll see a lot of silliness between the two of us!