The Vlog

Have you ever wanted a behind the scene look at an author’s life, following the ups and downs on the journey to publishing the books you love to read? I’m Angel Vane and my author’s diary gives you that glimpse into the exciting, frustrating and occasionally boring life of an author working on getting books published.

Author’s Diary Vlog with Angel Vane | Episode 75

The honeymoon is over and week two of NaNoWriMo has gotten real. In Episode 75, I give an update on the halfway point of NaNoWriMo, why I deviated from the classic advice of WriMos, and how being a rebel will help my novel in the end.

Author’s Diary Vlog with Angel Vane | Episode 74

I completed the first week of NaNoWriMo. In Episode 74, I give an update on my writing progress in the midst of election week in the U.S. and delve into the 5 unexpected complications of writing the last book of a continuing series that must be read in order.

Author’s Diary Vlog with Angel Vane | Episode 73

Last day of Preptober and I don’t feel ready. In Episode 73, I talk about how returning to the office for work has wrecked my routine, why my preptober has been a failure and what this means as I start NaNoWriMo.

Author’s Diary Vlog with Angel Vane | Episode 72

Preptober is winding down. In Episode 72, I talk about everything NaNoWriMo—from the most important thing you need to do for Preptober to what I’m writing to the books that help me with story structure and the software I use. I also give you a glimpse of how I plot, the issues I’ve struggled with and what I did to get past them.

Author’s Diary Vlog with Angel Vane | Episode 71

Managing emotions during this difficult year has been no easy feat. In Episode 71, I talk about mood swings I’ve experienced over the last couple of months, recognizing my FOMO behaviors and how embracing JOMO, the Joy of Missing Out, is helping me combat it all and find a happier emotional state.

Author’s Diary Vlog with Angel Vane | Episode 70

The verdict is in from the editor on my manuscript. In Episode 70, I recap the overall impressions from the editor on The Fallen Hero. Plus, I go in-depth about the themes of edits that I need to make—author intrusion, unrealistic legal scenes, losing character’s voice, lack of setting details, and too much summary. As an added bonus, I’m cooking again. I use my brand new air fryer for the first time and stage an Air Fry battle between fresh and frozen broccoli. In the end, for me, there was a definite clear winner…

Author’s Diary Vlog with Angel Vane | Episode 69

It’s Preptober! Before Nanowrimo, planning is essential on what to write. In Episode 69, I recap my first year of completing Nanowrimo and then brainstorm live some ideas of stories I can write for this year! In between, you’ll get some juicy spoiler alerts about The Fallen Hero and find out how you can help me decide what to write.