Hero in Paradise Series - Book 4

The final showdown

Julian’s world was ripped apart when he found out Mena was married to another man. 

Mena and Julian face the biggest test of their relationship as Julian struggles to forgive her for not trusting him with the truth. 

Lurking in the shadows, Priscilla Dumay hasn’t given up on getting revenge as she plans diabolical attacks on every person that dared to cross her.

Can Julian and Mena finally stop Priscilla before she destroys their love and their lives?


The Unexpected Hero (Hero in Paradise Book 4), my fourth read from author Angel Vane. A thrill-a-minute, captivating tale that takes unexpected twists & turns, always keeping the reader engaged.

Roger Fauble

Another excellent and well written captivating story that kept you at the edge of your seat. This book was just as incredibly exciting as the previous ones in the series highlighting the adventure s of Julian Montgomery and Mena Nix.


I could not read it fast enough , it’s not only thrilling , but filled with so many surprises that you will not see coming . It took me only 2 hours to devour this awesome story.



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