Hero in Paradise Series - Book 1

A badass ex-Navy SEAL. A sexy art conservator. A sinister plot that must be stopped.

Art conservator Mena Nix is plunged into a terrifying nightmare when she’s taken hostage by a desperate, gun-wielding pregnant woman. Ex-Navy SEAL Julian Montgomery thinks rescuing the alluring conservator will be simple … until he recognizes the gunman as the missing woman he’s been looking for—Ella Sapphire.

Finding Ella could be Julian’s one chance to make up for the mistakes of his past, mistakes that led to the destruction of his SEAL Team. Dodging a blaze of bullets, Julian rescues Mena and Ella’s newborn son as Ella escapes into the night.

Days later, Ella’s corpse is found on a secluded beach. Struggling to fight the sizzling attraction brewing between them, Julian and Mena search for answers to the gruesome murder. But a killer lurks, willing to stop at nothing to keep Julian and Mena from discovering the twisted truth.


I absolutely loved this book, it had so many twists & turns. I was on the edge of my seat.


The book had me hooked right away. The characters are so real. There are several stories all woven together, but the main story is one of beautiful, natural love and all the challenges of two people getting to the point of realizing it.

Midwest Amazon Fan

I enjoyed reading this book.The writing flowed easily and effortless.The characters were well developed and compelling.A new different storyline that was filled with twists and turns, betrayal, suspense and heart-pounding suspense.

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