What the hail is going on?

So, I’m sitting in my home office last Friday night diligently working on Hero in Paradise Book 3 – The Fallen Hero when all of a sudden, it sounds like someone is throwing rocks at my window.

It’s pitch black dark outside, and I figure I must be imagining things, so I keep plugging away until …

It sounds like my house is surrounded by Vikings, and they are attacking it with stones!

I jumped up and looked out the window and was stunned to see that it was hailing!!!

No rain.

Just ice balls falling from the sky and pummelling everything in my neighborhood!

After about 10 minutes of that, it starts monsoon raining with hurricane-force winds and I told myself:

“Angel … get the hail away from these windows just in case!”

Another 10 minutes passed and the winds have died down and it’s just a smattering of rain falling. I go outside to inspect the hail, under a night sky being lit up by lightning, and scoop up some to bring in the house.

I couldn’t believe how much hail had fallen to the ground, with many of them penny-sized!!!

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