The Accidental … Sale?

So, the new cover for The Accidental Hero went live on May 1st on Amazon and I get up that day to check sales figures like all newbie authors do …

You know, has anyone bought my book today? Is anyone reading it in KU? Fingers crossed!!!

And I noticed that it is showing “Giveaway” books on the sales report. 

Panic gripped my chest …

Yes, I will be running a discount on The Accidental Hero in conjunction with the launch of The Relentless Hero (so stay tuned!!), but “Giveaway” books normally only mean one thing: 


There should NOT be a FREE BOOK PROMO on The Accidental Hero! 

So, I stumble over to the phone, my hand shaking as I watch the number of giveaway books increase higher and higher, and dial Amazon customer service. 

The rep was super nice and explained that there was a glitch on the Amazon UK website that resulted in a lot of books being priced at FREE in error!!!

WTF?!?! Amazon should not make mistakes like that!

Lucky for me, it got corrected in 24 hours and the price is back to normal. Not sure if Amazon is going to pay me for all those copies of my book they gave away … even though I think they should!

And … lucky for the readers that got a chance to snag some unexpected free books on the Amazon UK site last week! Were you one of them?

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